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My Weird (Possibly Deadly) Dinner Party List

The Dinner List

The Dinner List

By: Rebecca Serle

Grade: C

I picked up The Dinner List from Book of the Month. The story is about a girl whose birthday dinner actually becomes a living answer to that whole make a list of the 5 People You’d Most Want to Dine with. Audrey Hepburn included.

Honestly, the book was okay. Pretty meh. It’s got a love story and says some nice things about life and loss by the end. But I was just hoping for so much more. It does however give me a perfect excuse to the The Dinner Party Tag! Which I naturally couldn’t keep just literary.

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Jack-Jack Rules All

Jack-Jack and a cookie

The Incredibles 2

Directed by: Brad Bird

Grade: A-

I think it was a couple of days ago I mentioned The Incredibles was the only Pixar movie that never made me cry. That fact remains though I did tear up in the short film before it this time the absolutely adorable Bao. So it’s mostly a technicality at this point!

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