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The Last Jedi Review: Spoilers!

the last jedi

The Last Jedi

Directed by: Rian Johnson

Grade: C-

Oh man, I had to think about this one because it was my most anticipated movie of the year and truth be told I found it, at best, disappointing. The movie picks up right where The Force Awakens left off. Rey handing Luke his light saber and the First Order stalking the rebellion about to put them down for good.

Spoilers below:

The Last Jedi & Princess of Alderaan

Princess of Alderaan

Leia Princess of Alderaan

By: Claudia Gray

Grade: A

I read Gray’s book Star Wars: Bloodline and really enjoyed it. Actually, it’s a book that’s grown even more on me whenever I think about Leia coming into the new trilogy. I thought she did a great job of getting into her psyche and I even have some personal fan theories about the book. (Probably aren’t true but you never know.)

That being said I wasn’t sure we needed Leia The Teenage Years but it was getting some great buzz so I picked it up.