Loki: Rambling Thoughts

So Loki came to an end. I thought it was wild, ambitious, imaginative and mostly fun. But also I'm a little torn on it. For some reasons probably not it's fault but some are. And some due to the nature of the beast that is Marvel I don't think I can get a handle on... Continue Reading →

Loki: Who’s In Charge of the TVA?

So I think episode 3 may have broken me because episode four (The Nexus Event) moved the story along and had everything episode 3 should have and I still felt... removed from the procedures in a way that I never was with Wandavision or TFAWS. I think I actually know why but it's summer, it's... Continue Reading →

Loki, Mobius & The Variant

One of the reasons I love Loki (and why I think he's been such a popular character in the MCU) I truly always believe he can go either way. That he both adores his family and would destroy them. That he would want to be loved equally as he's feared. That he can be both... Continue Reading →

Loki Episode One: Glorious Purpose Indeed

The first episode of Loki (Glorious Purpose) gave me Lost fandom flashbacks but in a really good way where you could sit around for ages and discuss not just the episode but philosophy, science, religion, books, out there movies you've never even heard of... Aw those were the days. And Loki definitely serves up a... Continue Reading →

Loki & Geeked Week Incoming

This week Loki finally debuts on Disney+. I've been looking forward to this one for ages. But remember Disney has moved this up so instead of Friday's now it will debut on Wednesday June 9th. Unfortunately still at 12 a.m. but hey it's finally here! I've been trying to stay as unspoiled on Loki as... Continue Reading →

Loki Is Going to Be Wild!

We got a new Loki Trailer this morning! It gives a lot more of the story where they are seemingly going with this and honestly it looks amazing! Also we get more Owen Wilson and Loki trapped in a bureaucracy and a cat and honestly the whole thing looks like so much fun I can't... Continue Reading →

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