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I Tried Clockwork Angel After All

A Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel

By: Cassandra Clare

Grade: C

To be honest I’d previously never had any desire to read these books. Plus some of the things I’d read about the author made me double down on that. Yet I did consider reading Lady Midnight and then heard that I might really like the character of Tessa who debuts in these books so I thought what the heck I’d give it a go!

London Belongs to Me


London Belongs to Me

Author: Jacquelyn Middleton

Grade: C

You can always get me to read a book about writing, writers, music or any kind of artistic creating. I love that behind the scenes view of art. It’s essentially what I want to do so I’m a sucker for reading about it.

Alex Sinclair is a new graduate who hops on a plane to her beloved London to make it in the theatre world as a writer. Alex is a super fangirl with a vast knowledge of theatre and the city. I get the feeling she’s supposed to be one of those highly relatable characters. But she really, honestly, just annoyed me.