Hawkeye: Yelena Gives Me OG Loki Vibes

After watching Hawkeye episode 5 and seeing some of the response I can't help but think Yelena Bolova is not only Marvel's new Black Widow but also in many ways Marvel's next phase OG Loki. Spoilers for the show! Much like when Hiddleston started playing Loki all those years ago (and before whatever the show... Continue Reading →

Loki: Rambling Thoughts

So Loki came to an end. I thought it was wild, ambitious, imaginative and mostly fun. But also I'm a little torn on it. For some reasons probably not it's fault but some are. And some due to the nature of the beast that is Marvel I don't think I can get a handle on... Continue Reading →

Loki Is Going to Be Wild!

We got a new Loki Trailer this morning! It gives a lot more of the story where they are seemingly going with this and honestly it looks amazing! Also we get more Owen Wilson and Loki trapped in a bureaucracy and a cat and honestly the whole thing looks like so much fun I can't... Continue Reading →

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