Do You Sanitize Your Books?

 Do you guys sanitize your books? Honestly until recently it’s not something that ever crossed my mind. And I say that as someone whose always been a germaphobe. When this started I noticed people talking about it for the first time which naturally made me look at my TBR pile with worry.

Bright Lights Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Bright Lights Starring Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds Directed By: Alexis Bloom & Fisher Stevens Grade: A I watched this documentary on Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds when it premiered not long after they passed and again more recently. (October 21st was Fisher’s birthday.) I had been familiar with their relationship and really enjoyed seeing … More Bright Lights Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Project Semicolon

Project Semicolon September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness month. I saw this book around starting last week (which was also the three-year anniversary of my friend’s passing) and I thought I’d pick it up.

A World Without You

A World Without You Author: Beth Revis Grade: A “You are not one person. You are a different person in each moment of time.” Bo believes that he can travel through time. He believes that the special school for troubled youth his parents sent him to is to help him learn to control his superpower. … More A World Without You