Nimona should be a lesson for Hollywood these days. A fun, entertaining well done adaptation of a popular graphic novel that captures the heart of its story. It’s also a story with deep meaning and diversity that almost didn’t get made. The fact that it did is one of the reasons Netflix, for all it’s … More Nimona

Older, Aching & Not Ready for Battle: Kings of the Wyld

Kings of the Wyld By: Nicholas Eames A group of middle-aged slightly gone to pot former mercenaries get the band back together to go and rescue one’s daughter in a wild adventure through deadly woods and tangle with all sorts of monsters. Not the least of which is that life didn’t turn out as expected … More Older, Aching & Not Ready for Battle: Kings of the Wyld

This Savage Song

This Savage Song Author: Victoria Schwab Grade: B This was the Owlcrate book for July and probably my most anticipated read of the summer and overall I’m kind of torn on it. Kate Harker and August Flynn live in a world where violence breeds actual monsters. Kate is desperately trying to prove herself to her … More This Savage Song