Ghostbusters Afterlife

Weird opinion cause I love Mister Paul Rudd and he was great in this but there were a couple of times where he came off kind of... I don't know if smarmy is the right word... (Hell not sure it's an actual word!) but it was just odd. I mean I'm also not sure on... Continue Reading →

Last Night In Soho

There's something about Matt Smith where he just seems like yeah he could be a nice guy or he could be completely sinister it's a character toss up. It's actually something I think Anya Taylor-Joy shares with him... Could be an angel? Might be a demon? And they help make Last Night in Soho a... Continue Reading →

Dune Sequel Confirmed!

The Dune sequel is official a go. While it's been whispered that it would be Legendary announced it officially today. And yeah for more spice! I saw the movie this weekend and both loved it and had some nitpicks but when it comes right down to it after two and a half hours I wanted... Continue Reading →

Spiderman, Strange and Speculation

Let's speculate and take everything with what little context we have about that Spiderman: No Way Home trailer! And my biggest question after watching it is simple... What's going on with Doctor Strange? (There are unconfirmed rumors below about certain characters who may be appearing in the film that didn't show up in the trailer... Continue Reading →

The Suicide Squad: One Wild RIde

When I first heard the cast list I was like Polka-Dot Man? Ratcatcher? Oh dear. They ended the movie as my two favorites (outside of Harley of course but I'll get to her). I think that might have been the nicest part after a run of mediocre films. It wound up being The Suicide Squad... Continue Reading →

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