Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is a weird one for me. I liked the mystery better than the first movie (wild though it gets) but that being said... Character wise I think I preferred the first movie. And honestly I think this one is overhyped too. Like people are calling this an Oscar contender... Continue Reading →

The Silence of Bones

The Silence of Bones By: June Hur So for some reason I had it in my head the MC could talk to dead people or read there bones. Yeah don't know where that came from. It's not the case but it's still a first rate mystery and great overall read. Even without the talking to... Continue Reading →

Murder, Ghosts & a Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts By: Kate Racculia I just want to say should any dying rich multi-millionaires want to put a fortune on the line in a city wide treasure hunt... Nows the time please 🙂 Count me in. I would definitely play that game! I just don't think anyone would play fair. But... Continue Reading →

Did He Really Solve Anything?

Knives Out Directed By: Rian Johnson Watching Knives Out was an interesting experience in large part because even though I knew who did it going in I was convinced the spoilers were wrong and something else happened. They weren't and it didn't. Also it's getting the wrong sequel. Spoilers below: So as the movie is... Continue Reading →

You Can Never Really Leave…

The Sun Down Motel By: Simone St. James Actually you can pretty much do whatever you want at the Sun Down because it's not exactly well-staffed. Maybe the ghosts will check you in? Or out the hard way depending on their moods. In modern times Carly heads to Fell, New York to search for clues... Continue Reading →

Daughter of the Burning City

  Daughter of the Burning City By: Amanda Foody Grade: B Sorina is the star of the Freak Show in the traveling carnival known as the Gomorrah Festival. More city than anything else Gomorrah is a place of pleasure and decadence. A city that stretches back through the history of this world and burns constantly.... Continue Reading →

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