To Read or Not To Read: Crescent City

harley is confused

Have you ever had a book where half your brain keeps telling you no, let it go, you aren’t going to like it, you know better, don’t do it? But at the same time it’s under your skin and you know you won’t be able to stop yourself until you read it.

(I have the same thing with most horror movies.)

But for me that book is definitely…

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Did He Really Solve Anything?

Daniel Craig in Knives Out

Knives Out

Directed By: Rian Johnson

Watching Knives Out was an interesting experience in large part because even though I knew who did it going in I was convinced the spoilers were wrong and something else happened. They weren’t and it didn’t.

Also it’s getting the wrong sequel.

Spoilers below:

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You Can Never Really Leave…

the sun down motel

The Sun Down Motel

By: Simone St. James

Actually you can pretty much do whatever you want at the Sun Down because it’s not exactly well-staffed. Maybe the ghosts will check you in?

Or out the hard way depending on their moods.

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Daughter of the Burning City


daughter of the burning city

Daughter of the Burning City

By: Amanda Foody

Grade: B

Sorina is the star of the Freak Show in the traveling carnival known as the Gomorrah Festival. More city than anything else Gomorrah is a place of pleasure and decadence. A city that stretches back through the history of this world and burns constantly. The story centers around a murder mystery as someone begins killing off Sorina’s illusions one by one.

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