2020: My Most Anticipated Book Releases

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda only has two episodes left this year! Where am I going to get my weekly supply of adorable?

But there’s a ton of books to be excited for next year while waiting for his return and of course the one that I will put on every anticipated list ever because you never know when it might happen!

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Who’s Been Naughty? Who’s Been Nice?

whose been naughty whose been nice

So I tried to narrow down the book, film and television characters who would make both Santa’s lists this year. I was going to do more than the year but that would have taken me forever! Let’s do Naughty first cause that’s always more fun…

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farewell to fall tag & recommendations!

farewell to fall

It’s Fall for a few more days right? And I’ve done this tag for every season this year so since blogging is one of the few things I’m consistent on I wanted to keep going! You can find the link to Zarriah Rose (original creator) and recommendations for: Winter, Spring, & Summer

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