Balancing out the Ferrell

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Directed By: David Dobkin I actually really enjoyed Eurovision but I must admit there was a moment mid-movie where Dan Stevens character is comforting Rachel McAdams Sigrit after a particularly humiliating moment and I thought... he should have been Lars and Ferrell should have played Lemtov. And... Continue Reading →

And They Prefer the Diamonds

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Grade: B+ Considering that choosing films for the Blind Spot Series is very much like a TBR (TBW?) it's amazing I stuck with it this long. Truth be told I'm very much a mood watcher like a mood reader and I didn't want to watch any of the movies on my list. I... Continue Reading →

The Last Five Years

 Normally I'm not into musicals. There has to be something about them that's either slightly off (like Chicago) or they have to be somehow natural (like Moulin Rouge was natural to me because they were all singers and artists in a nightclub like atmosphere). It's the everyday musicals that I don't ever get but I thought... Continue Reading →

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