A Lot of Trouble for One Finger

The Night Tiger By: Yangsze Choo Grade: A See this is one of those books that make me realize I could never be a book character because if I came into possession of a severed human finger I would toss it and run screaming not be like oh, mysterious! Let's go digging! Especially when you... Continue Reading →

Powerful Witches and Non-Sparkly Vampires

A Discovery of Witches Powerful witches, libraries, ancient books, Matthew Goode, non sparkling vampires... some of my favorite things right there. I read A Discovery of Witches ages ago and but enjoyed it enough to want to watch the show. The sequel as well though I don't think I ever finished the series. Luckily Sundance... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Easy Making New Friends

A Simple Favor Directed by: Paul Feig Grade: A Forming friendships as adults can be really difficult sometimes. Hard to connect with people life gets in the way of new relationships and so on and so forth. So that's why it was nice to see Stephanie and Emily's friendship form in last years A Simple... Continue Reading →

If It Seems to Good to Be True…

An Anonymous Girl By: Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen Grade: B Releases: January 8th It probably is and you should run away. When Jessica lies her way into a morality study the strapped for cash girl feels like she hit the jackpot when the Doctor chooses her for "further studies." Unfortunately for Jess Doctor Lydia... Continue Reading →

Secrets, Lies and Consequences

The Lies We Told By: Camilla Way Grade: A- Clara seems to have the good life going on when he boyfriend Luke disappears. At first no one is overly worried about Luke until Clara discovers evidence he was being stalked. Further complicating matters Luke's long missing sister shows up when she hears the news. She... Continue Reading →

An Absolutely Split Mind on this One

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing By: Hank Green Grade: B -ish So how about another Green brother? Hank Green's first book is about a twenty-something woman called April May who stumbles over a new "sculpture" in New York that she dubs Carl, uploads a video and becomes the center of this great, vast and mysterious world-wide... Continue Reading →

What Happened to Margot Kim?

searching Directed By: Aneesh Chaganty Grade: A- David Kim's daughter Margot disappears one night. And the search leads him down a rabbit hole of social media and discovery after discovery of what Margot was hiding in an effort to find her. Part of me couldn't help but think hey, if you stopped videotaping her for... Continue Reading →

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