Marvel Comic-Con Musings

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So Marvel had their big Comic-Con reveals Saturday night a lot of things to be very excited for even if I do feel a little burn out overall. And some choices make me wonder what they’re going to do with the stories.

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A Strangely Beautiful Trip to Area X

the shimmer annihilation


Directed by: Alex Garland

Grade: A-

I’m not going to lie- if I was married to Oscar Issac and some weird place did something weird and was possibly killing him- I’d probably brave it to try to save him.

Annihilation is based on the Jeff Vandermeer Southern Reach trilogy.

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Directed by: Pablo Larrain

Grade: A

“I believe the characters we read on the page become more real than the men who stand beside us.”

I finally decided to drag myself out of my movie rut and see Jackie. Natalie Portman plays the title role in the days directly following her husbands assassination and how she helped shape and write his legacy- as well as her own.

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