The Sea Beast

The Sea Beast is basically about Karl Urban’s character adopting a child by accident. He’s a grumpy monster hunter. She’s an adorable spirited sprite. It goes a lot better than his adoption of Hughie over on The Boys. Or Hughie adopting him? However you want to take it. The one thing I took away from … More The Sea Beast

Loki & Geeked Week Incoming

This week Loki finally debuts on Disney+. I’ve been looking forward to this one for ages. But remember Disney has moved this up so instead of Friday’s now it will debut on Wednesday June 9th. Unfortunately still at 12 a.m. but hey it’s finally here!

The Mitchells Vs The Machines

I have to start paying more attention to Sony Animation because they have been on top of things recently. Because while I’m no animation expert I really enjoyed the styles throughout The Mitchell’s vs the Machines. It was as fun to watch for that as anything else.

Space Sweepers

Okay I’ll admit there was a part near the beginning where one of the characters (not the baddie) starts speaking English and I was like, oh my God! I understood that without the subtitles it’s all making… No, no. They are actually speaking in English genius.