Perilous Times Has Everything

Perilous Times has everything. Dragons, witches, Knights, climate change, corruption, people rising from the dead, lots of peril, jokes, etc. It's a good time Knights of the Roundtable style adventure with a powerful message. Basically we've wrecked everything and the veil between worlds is breaking so everyone decides- hey, let's callback that prophecy and bring... Continue Reading →

The Woman in the Library

The Woman in the Library offers two of my favorite things to read about- a book about books and the writing process. It's an interesting read with a good idea but it just didn't work for me in the end. But if you are interested in books about books or meta mystery writing well I'd... Continue Reading →

The Start of the Mary series

I tried reading Antonia Fraser's biography of Mary Queen of Scots back when the movie came out (naturally) but 50+ some pages in and 12,000 Mary's later I DNF'ed it. Luckily this was a bit more streamlined and a lot less scholarly. I mean she turns into a mouse in this one so no kidding... Continue Reading →

The Lost Apothecary

A hidden apothecary in 18th century London specializing in helping women get rid of "troublesome" men? Sounds like a good Spring read to me! The Lost Apothecary also boasts one of the - I don't want to say stupidest because that's harsh- but one of the most ridiculously boneheaded moves I've seen a character do... Continue Reading →

The Devil and the Dark Water

The Devil and the Dark Water By: Stuart Turton When Old Tom is summoned he whispers to you in the night offers your hearts desire for a bargain. And if you don't bargain? You die. Which seems wildly unfair to me but that's the situation the passengers of our ship find themselves in on their... Continue Reading →

Looking Forward: Keanu’s Comic

So apparently Keanu Reeves co-wrote a comic. Whose main character bears a resemblance to him and you don't really need to tell me more I'm in for the book and the sure to come film adaptation! The comic is called BRZRKR and is about the violent immortal son of a war God trying to make... Continue Reading →

Mayhem Goes Full Speed

Mayhem By: Estelle Laure This book is being pitched as a YA feminist mash-up of The Lost Boys meets The Craft- and the minute I saw that I knew I wanted to read it! A thousand thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing a free copy as part of the book tour. It's 1987... Continue Reading →

Do You Sanitize Your Books?

 Do you guys sanitize your books? Honestly until recently it's not something that ever crossed my mind. And I say that as someone whose always been a germaphobe. When this started I noticed people talking about it for the first time which naturally made me look at my TBR pile with worry. I've bought nothing... Continue Reading →

The Girl the Sea Gave Back

The Girl the Sea Gave Back By: Adrienne Young Boy you'd think surviving being cast out to sea as a child would be the most dramatic thing in a girl's life wouldn't you? Not poor Tova who is found and brought up by a distrustful clan of warriors who only want to use her for... Continue Reading →

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