Do You Sanitize Your Books?

 Do you guys sanitize your books? Honestly until recently it’s not something that ever crossed my mind. And I say that as someone whose always been a germaphobe. When this started I noticed people talking about it for the first time which naturally made me look at my TBR pile with worry.

mad girl

mad girl author: Bryony Gordon It’s hard for me to review or write about books concerning mental health because it’s a topic that’s so personal for me. Especially books concerning OCD which Bryony Gordon has suffered from since she was twelve- years old. I almost always find something I relate to and understand even if … More mad girl

OCD Love Story

OCD Love Story. The story of my life minus the love story. I had to wait on this book for almost two weeks because reading it was like stepping inside my head. My OCD is just a thing that is, I don’t really think about it. Always been that way. People that know me kind … More OCD Love Story