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October Spooky Owlcrate

“Spooky OwlCrate”

So I wanted to do a quick one on this months owlcrate…


Yep, still super happy with it and strangely I had a feeling it would be A Madness So Discreet for the book. So I’m two in a row for predictions and no repeats. The book is beautiful and I read so much on my e-reader that I love these monthly hardbacks. I’ll be reading it this weekend to wrap up my Halloween Reading since the insane asylum setting seems right up a creepy alley.


Also received this little pouch from Out of Print Books. No that is not Einstein (I’m a little slow on that one) it’s Edgar Allen Poe. It’s really good quality and pretty large as well. I have a feeling I’ll get a lot of uses out of this or I’ll give it away as a gift at Christmas. Either way…


I love the witch/skeleton magnetic bookmarks (Craftedvan). First time I’ve received bookmarks in I don’t know how long.

The three skull erasers (NPW) are cute as well & the best part is their festive enough that I can use them past Halloween and I do need erasers so that’s excellent timing.

Lastly there was “Vampire Lair,” from Scented Adventures. I actually like the smell and its an interesting idea but I don’t know what I’ll do with them. I think you’re just supposed to put them out while you read to create atmosphere. Works for me.

┬áSo for month two I’m still really pleased with the box, with the books and the curation for a little under forty bucks I plan to stick with it for a couple months longer anyway. (Plus I’m going to guess next months and see if I can do it again!)