Why We Need the Bat Fam!

Image from HBO Max The cancellation of Batgirl is a bummer for me. I really like the cast and what I've seen of the directors other work has made me really excited. Granted it's written by Christina Hodson my mortal screenwriting comic book movie entity. But that's a whole other story. Anyway the bigger picture... Continue Reading →

It Was Not Harley’s Fault… A Rant

So The Suicide Squad disappointed at the box office (which kind of surprises me) and now everybody has to give a reason why and one of the worst reasons I saw in several places is Harley Quinn. I've heard that she's overexposed and that Birds of Prey devalued her. And now the controversial opinions I... Continue Reading →

Cruella Gets Her Trailer

So I found it interesting that at the end of the Cruella trailer they slammed down that date in very big font. Now I grant you that can change but we are pretty close here and it seems like Disney could have left it as up in the air as everything else. Same as they... Continue Reading →

Gotham City Harley Quinn Style

Harley Quinn Season 2 So it might have been a bit bumpier than season one and less laugh out loud funny but needless to say I still loved Harley Quinn season 2 over on the DC Universe App. I thought I'd do a list of my favorite parts and consequently what I think they should... Continue Reading →

It’s Time for Poison Ivy…

The DC Cinematic Universe is sleeping on a lot but a big one I think is they haven't yet used the character of Doctor Pamela Isley, better known as Poison Ivy, since Uma Thurman played her in that Batman we should all forget way back in the 90s. I think that is crazy because if... Continue Reading →

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