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Read Me in the Spring Time!

spring flowers

I’m not one for TBR’s of any kind but the last couple of weeks I’ve been in a very Spring mood and looking at some of the books I’ve been amassing there are a couple that just jump out at me, cover wise especially, like their singing, “I want to be read in the Spring!”

So below are some of the books I’m planning on reading and hopefully you can find some suggestions for good reads for the next couple of weeks!




Author: Stephanie Garber

Grade: B

Caraval falls squarely into the like a summer movie category for me. Entertaining. Fun. Overhyped. I told myself at the beginning of the year that I wasn’t going to go for those totally hyped books where I mostly wind up reading them and saying, “That was it?” Although I must admit the cover on this one sold me not a little bit 🙂