Madness, Myth & Man in the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Directed By: Robert Eggers The Lighthouse stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe as two lighthouse keepers who take a four-week shift on a small island far out into the ocean. They spend four weeks pretty much driving each other crazy only for a storm to impede the much needed shift changeover. Then the... Continue Reading →

Can a Person be Replaced?

Foe By: Iain Reid Grade: A So I had been interested in Iain Reid's last book- I'm Thinking of Ending It- and I still am but this one teased aliens, or at least space weirdness of a sort so I was like yes, I am so in! Junior is more than happy living in the... Continue Reading →

If It Seems to Good to Be True…

An Anonymous Girl By: Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen Grade: B Releases: January 8th It probably is and you should run away. When Jessica lies her way into a morality study the strapped for cash girl feels like she hit the jackpot when the Doctor chooses her for "further studies." Unfortunately for Jess Doctor Lydia... Continue Reading →

Help is NOT On the Way!

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe By: Lauren James Grade: A Romy Silvers is the last survivor of a deep space mission headed to a new Earth. She's never even set foot on the real Earth having been born on the mission. Used to her loneliness and tenuous connection to NASA Romy is over the... Continue Reading →

Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes Author: Sarah Pinborough Grade: D Level/ Not for Me I picked this book from Book of the Month because I heard people talking about the amazing twist at the end. There's definitely a twist at the end of this but that and everything else was just- it was just a big fat... Continue Reading →

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