8 Retelling Recommendations to Try

retelling recommendations

I am in a very list making mood these days. I did one for people who want to try Science-Fiction and then was working on movies got to Clueless (which is of course a timeless Emma retelling) and thought… Retellings. The Best Ones I’d Recommend for People who want to give them a go!

FYI while this is about books I’d still totally recommend Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You (a Taming of the Shrew retelling.) Both classics of my youth!

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Favorites of 2016 (So Far…)


Top Ten Favorites of 2016

So far:

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I realize a few of these might have been released last year but I read them in 2016 so hey, I’m counting it:

The City of Mirrors

Queen of Hearts

If I Was Your Girl


Rat Queens Volumes 1-3

(Although with this one I’d put volumes one and two in favorites and three somewhere decidedly down the list 🙂 )



This one was a lovely surprise how much I liked it and actually yeah, this is in my top three!

Leaving only:

Six of Crows

Wolf by Wolf

These two are definitely sitting on top my list of favorites. Beautifully written worlds, great characters and storylines with lots of depth and tension.

I was just thinking the other day how I’m getting so tired of series and how sometimes even when I enjoy the first book by the time the next one rolls around I feel like I’m over it or just not interested anymore.

Not these two. Sequels are coming this fall which I am eagerly awaiting!

I know that’s not ten but it’s definitely the best of the best on my list. But the second half of the year promises even more book goodies!


Queen of Hearts


Queen of Hearts

Author: Colleen Oakes

Genre: YA/Fantasy

Grade: A

I absolutely love the thought of adventures in Wonderland although recently it’s been hit or miss for me. (Alice in Zombieland and After Alice- they did nothing for me.) Luckily the story of  Princess Dinah was a lot more intriguing and fun.

The Princess is on the verge of her coronation and in love with her best friend when her crappy father drops a bombshell on her in front of the whole court. Not only does she have an illegitimate sister he’s making her the a legitimate Duchess. The new sister is beautiful and graceful and everything Dinah basically isn’t although this actually becomes the least of her problems in Wonderland.

Dinah finds herself trapped in a dangerous mystery and her relationship with the King goes from horrible father to abusive nightmare.

I think Oakes does a very good job with both Dinah and Wonderland. The Princess is not a completely likable character which made her very relatable to me. She’s far from perfect. She doesn’t always behave in the best of fashions (unlike her new sister) but she’s smart, brave and you do get the feeling, as the story goes, her growing empathy and compassion for people is genuine.

There’s only two real locations outside the tension filled palace but in terms of what you’d think of Wonderland both the horrible prison system and the creepy forest are on point. Very good atmosphere building which gives me definite hope for the next book. (Yep, it’s a series. It’s like I can’t stay away from series!)

It does take a bit for the mystery to really get going. Much like Dinah the reader is in the dark and doesn’t know who to trust… You don’t need to have read Alice in Wonderland to “get” this book either.

My biggest nitpick on this one (besides that it’s the start of another series) is that I’m ready for sequel.

This would also be a really fun movie Hollywood. Darken up Chloe Grace Moretz’s hair and you’ve got yourself a Princess Dinah.

Recommend: Yes. I’m crossing my fingers the sequel is just as enjoyable. 

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May Releases & Goals: I Can’t Stop with the Books!

Goals & New Releases

May is a huge book month for me on the strength of two books alone:

The Last Star and The City of Mirrors both release on the 24th and I have been reading The Passage Trilogy since it’s first book in 2010 so the thought of finishing out two trilogies this month! I’m excited! Can’t help it!

My plan was to start getting better organized and get control of things, including books. I realized I have nine (9!) books that I’ve amassed over the last couple of months since Christmas (thank you sales and birthday gifts 🙂 ) that I haven’t even started yet. I had set the goal of reading those before the 24th but yeah, I already blew that…

Bloodline is a Star Wars Novel centering on Leia that is supposed to give up some information on her mental state (and other things) leading up to the current movie timeline. Queen of Hearts is about the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland! Both come out tomorrow May 3rd and for both of them I just couldn’t help myself!

And of several other great sounding new releases this month I’m looking forward to picking up:


Every Exquisite Thing (May 31st) is the new Matthew Quick and I always enjoy his writings. Outrun the Moon (May 24th) is the story of a headstrong  young girl during the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco which is an event that always fascinated me.

Not to mention the Owlcrate box this month is steampunk book and theme!

So I’m going to try to keep my goal and do a one for one read. A book that’s been waiting and then a new release and see how that goes for me. Plus so many movies this month: Captain America, The Nice Guys, High-Rise, The Family Fang, X-Men and Through the Looking Glass just to name some.

Usually I dread going into summer. It’s my least favorite time of year. (I’m a Fall/Winter kind of girl myself). At least this May I’ll be entertained! And hopefully at the end of it feel slightly more organized…