Out: I Actually Sent This Back

I am weirdly optimistic when it comes to books. I believe that they will get better which rarely is something I can do in real life. It keeps me reading. It makes it hard to DNF. And I have never used the Audible refund policy for a book whether I like it or not. So... Continue Reading →

Promising Young Woman

I have been trying to write a review of Promising Young Woman for a week. I ended up loving the film (to be honest it was one of my most anticipated so perhaps that's not a surprise) but not only did it leave me crying it left me really questioning what I had wanted out... Continue Reading →

The Nightingale: Revenge & Humanity

The Nightingale Directed By: Jennifer Kent The Nightingale is about a young Irish convict in 1825 Tasmania. She's supposed to have been freed but the British soldier she works for is not about to let that happen. After a horrible act of violence Clare chases him and two other soldiers into the wild. In order... Continue Reading →

Good Idea Wrong Characters

The Furies By: Katie Lowe Dark school days seems all the rage right now right? And I'm always down for some witchy Craft vibes. The Furies was strong in a lot of ways but I think it followed the wrong main characters. Our main girl Violet is starting a new school after suffering a horrible... Continue Reading →

Some Kids are Scary

The Fallen Children By: David Owen Grade: B+ On night in London every single person in Midwich Tower falls into a deep sleep from which they cannot be woken. During that time four women (three of them high schoolers) are violated and quickly come to realize they are pregnant. And when I say quickly I... Continue Reading →

What Happened to the Cheerleaders?

the cheerleaders by: Kara Thomas Grade: A 5 years ago a series of back-to-back tragedies involving the deaths of 5 cheerleaders shocked a town shocked a small town. Now Monica Rayburn- the younger sister of the last cheerleader to die that year discovers a series of strange warnings and finds her sisters old phone all... Continue Reading →

What It Means to Be Alive

Circe By: Madeline Miller Grade: A "Humbling women seems to be the chief pastime of poets. As if there can be no story unless we crawl and weep." Part of me wants to talk in-depth about Circe and another part of me, a very large part, wants to be like, "Yes! It was great! Fantastic!... Continue Reading →

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones Marvel/Netflix Grade: A The story of Marvel's PI and would-be superhero whose life gets derailed when she runs into Kevin Kilgrave, whose power of mind control is frightening enough without the fact that he's a complete and utter sociopath. She thinks she's broken free of her time with him when the case of... Continue Reading →

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