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My Author Goals List

reading rapunzel

Apparently I’m all about setting myself goals this Spring. I have the Magical Readathon (in which I’m already off the TBR to be honest), my Spring TBR a bunch of personal goals and then as I was reading Bad Feminist I went through and made a list of all the authors whom I’ve always wanted to try.

You know, those authors where you’re forever picking up one of their books and then putting it back until next time? Or telling people oh, yeah I’m going to read her next.

This is my list:

Book Wrap-Ups, Hang-Ups & Hopes

New Year Beauty

So I have a weird thing about taking stock of my yearly books. Once the New Year gets closer I have to finish everything I’ve been reading. (Save for that one audio book I’ve been working on for two years.) So that it all counts and I can start fresh in the New Year.

I also completely overthink my first book of the New Year and the first movie I watch as it completely sets the stage.