I Hope it Hurts: Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep Directed By: Mike Flanagan Having not read the book I went into this movie expecting it to lean heavily on Danny Torrance and his return to the Overlook Hotel- the haunted hell hotel where the events of The Shining took place. I was pleasantly surprised that the highlight of this movie was the... Continue Reading →

The Aliens that Should Have Been

Men In Black: International Directed By: F. Gary Gray So I was sitting watching Men in Black International the other day thinking to myself... Why isn't this working? Two talented likable leads. Aliens. It should be good right? And I have to say much like Dark Phoenix it's not the worst movie of the year... Continue Reading →


Life Directed by: Daniel Espinosa Grade: B+ Life is about a group of scientists on the International Space Station that discover an alien life form. Unfortunately not E.T. I should say first off that I have certainly heard the Alien comparisons, and understand them, but my Alien experience is only the one that had Michael... Continue Reading →


MY 2015 MOVIE ROUND-UP (Yea, this movie is definitely on it!) I had a couple picks for bad first like how Batsheba Everdene might have been the stupidest character it's movie thought was smart, that Pan might have been the biggest what the hell movie (which really shouldn't have been). That Age of Ultron was... Continue Reading →

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train Author: Paula Hawkins Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Hyped-to-the-Skies Grade: B So I wasn't going to jump on the hype train for this one but it does fulfill a square for the reading challenge I'm doing. (More than one female protagonist is what I'm using it for.) Judging from the number of reviews on... Continue Reading →

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