My Fantasy Star Wars Saga Endings

Rey and Kylo in Rise of Skywalker

I was rewatching the Rise of Skywalker and I think elements of the Mandalorian could have perfectly explained the return of the Emperor!

Then I started thinking about my how it should have ended head canons and some fantasy spin-off ideas and thought why not?

Obviously spoilers for the Rise of Skywalker below. Also I’m in the middle on the movie so whether you loved it or hated it this is meant in good fun 🙂 But onto how the Emperor returned!

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The Rise of Skywalker & My Hope for a Strong Conclusion to the Saga

Daisy Ridley as Rey

I’ve been so busy waiting for Endgame and that It Chapter 2 Trailer I didn’t even realize we were getting Star Wars today. Of course my feelings about Star Wars have been mixed  recently so that could also be the reason.

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Books, Movies

The Force Awakens Novelization


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Author: Alan Dean Foster

Genre: (Movie) Novelization

Grade: A

Girl obsessed? A little bit I must admit. I pretty much never read novelizations of movies. Usually it’s book first (if there is one) to tell me if I want to see the movie. If I see the movie first I usually don’t even consider a novelization. But I wanted more!

This was pretty well worth it. I saw this in between viewings and actually it made me much more eagle-eyed about certain things in the movie that I missed the first time around. The book also goes a little more in-depth on the political situation (though not overly) and Poe’s rescue which was something I felt the movie hand  waved.

Probably the most interesting thing to the book was a lot more Leia. She actually is the first character in the book and we get some very interesting tidbits into her mindset. She even thinks about her father a little and Alderaan. I have to say I find this is a character who does all the heavy lifting in her world but is honestly more fascinating then Han or Luke if you step inside her head.

There’s also an interesting tweak to Rey’s interaction with BB8 that the movie changed that stood out to me. Getting in her mind for the fight was also quite enlightening. The anger is a lot clearer (not that they didn’t do an excellent job in the movie but some people seem to argue the fact that she shouldn’t have beat him .) I enjoyed it immensely.

Yes, give me more Star Wars stuff!

Recommend: Yes. This had enough extra and deeper information to make it worth the price for me and it got me thinking about some theories and characterizations. So if you are currently loving all things Star Wars the novelization is a good extra to pick up.