Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

Directed by: Denis Villeneuve

Grade: A-

A sequel to the first film this was a gorgeous well-acted movie that I would definitely recommend seeing in theaters (just for the visuals alone.) But I’m not going to lie. There were times when I wanted to yell at Ryan Gosling, “Walk faster! Speed it up a little bit!” And also, “Where is Harrison already?”

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Directed by: Daniel Espinosa

Grade: B+

Life is about a group of scientists on the International Space Station that discover an alien life form. Unfortunately not E.T. I should say first off that I have certainly heard the Alien comparisons, and understand them, but my Alien experience is only the one that had Michael Fassbender in it. (And you bet I’m gonna see Covenant.)

But that’s a whole other movie.

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The Nice Guys

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The Nice Guys

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Angourie Rice

Grade: A

This is probably the first movie in I couldn’t tell you how long that I want to go back and see in theaters again. I enjoyed it that much.

Ryan Gosling plays a down on his luck Detective investigating the case of a dead porn star from a rather strange angle. Russell Crowe plays Jackson Healy a little less down on his luck enforcer whose looking into a client that might be in trouble. The two cross paths and when the cases collide and they’re left to investigate the truth of an ever-growing list of murders all seemingly connected to the case.

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Gosling and Crowe really make this movie. Not only do they have great chemistry but both the actors and their characters just work together and bounce off each other very nicely. These aren’t the nicest guys and Gosling’s character isn’t going to win any awards for Father of the Year but you can’t help like them even when watching them fall apart.

Seriously, I think this is the best and most charming Crowe’s been in a while.

The movie is also crazy quotable with just a lot of funny lines and some nice character touches in the delivery. It’s always nice to go to a comedy that makes you laugh repeatedly throughout the film.

I also think they did a great job with the atmosphere. Not the biggest fan of seventies things but somehow it all looks good in this movie.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 4.20.16 PM

Don’t be afraid of Holly! (Angourie Rice) She pretty much steals the show as Gosling’s daughter- definitely the most together character in the movie. Actually there’s some good kid actor interplay in a couple of places. Gosling and Crowe just work well with kids.

The mystery is engrossing enough. I like that you’re a bit thrown into working it out with the characters and it provides some good background players as well. It does get a bit out there at the end but I was enjoying the movie so much by that point and rooting for these characters that didn’t even bother me.

My only nitpicks were Amelia (Margaret Qually) and Judith (Kim Basinger.) Luckily neither one is actually in the movie a lot. I did get the impression they were going for annoying and a bit over-the-top with Amelia. Which, if I’m right, good job with that! Basinger- again- it could have been the character but she just seemed so cold and unnatural. Like I said though not in it enough to bother me. It was just a bit disappointing as L.A. Confidential is one of my favorite movies I was so looking forward to a Basinger/ Crowe reunion.

Overall impression is this is one of my favorite movies of the year so far. If you get the chance and are looking for something funny and not involving superheroes give The Nice Guys a try.

Recommend: Yes.