To Read or Not To Read: Crescent City

harley is confused

Have you ever had a book where half your brain keeps telling you no, let it go, you aren’t going to like it, you know better, don’t do it? But at the same time it’s under your skin and you know you won’t be able to stop yourself until you read it.

(I have the same thing with most horror movies.)

But for me that book is definitely…

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2020: My Most Anticipated Book Releases

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda only has two episodes left this year! Where am I going to get my weekly supply of adorable?

But there’s a ton of books to be excited for next year while waiting for his return and of course the one that I will put on every anticipated list ever because you never know when it might happen!

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Things I’ll Never Say: Book Edition

Alice grabbing a book on her way to wonderland

Today’s Top 10 Tuesday┬áis a Freebie so I put together a list of all the book related things I have never said or on the off chance I have I’ve said it to people who darned well knew I didn’t mean it!

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