The Best Books of January

I read a lot of books this January and honestly started more than I wanted to. My reading habits are often a sign of how distracted I am so instead of a wrap-up I’m just going to talk about the top books and some runner-ups that are worth a mention and potentially a read!

Fear is the Mind Killer

Dune By: Frank Herbert An epic novel with a complicated mother figure? A space witch of sorts sold to a powerful Duke for breeding who falls madly in love with him and therefore screws up the breeding plans… Yeah I bet you can guess my favorite character.

New York Is Born

The City We Became By: N.K. Jemisin New York is born in the form of 5 avatars to protect it and an other worldly villain appears in order to try and stop it… And I try to sort out some mixed feelings in order to try to write a review about it.