When to Eat a Friend

Honor Lost I really appreciated this series diversity of relationships and delving into proper use of gender pronouns. But if I ever get violently overtaken by an alien parasite which attaches itself to my brain and brutally, horrifically changes by mind and body and my friend almost immediately starts combining names like were some celebrity … More When to Eat a Friend

Murderbots, Princesses & Aquaman is Coming! November Wrap-Up

November has come and gone and it was a pretty nice month. We had our annual Thanksgiving visit to Robolights house in Palm Springs where I- who endless complains about the hot weather and would move anywhere else- complained endlessly how cold I was. December is here and the Aquaman press is already in full … More Murderbots, Princesses & Aquaman is Coming! November Wrap-Up

Some Kids are Scary

The Fallen Children By: David Owen Grade: B+ On night in London every single person in Midwich Tower falls into a deep sleep from which they cannot be woken. During that time four women (three of them high schoolers) are violated and quickly come to realize they are pregnant. And when I say quickly I … More Some Kids are Scary