My First Horror Manga

Venus in the Blind Spot By: Junji Ito My first horror manga! Honestly I think this might be my favorite manga yet. Of all the Junji Ito options I had to start with this one because I find the cover art so striking and that turned out to be a really good approximation of what's... Continue Reading →

Food in Books, Food on TV

  Hungry Hearts Ah, books about food! I originally picked up this book of short stories with the plan to cook some of the food mentioned in this book- and there's some good stuff. It's a real food learning experience in the making. But then I realized I'd have to clean up the mess so... Continue Reading →

Trigger Warning

I love Neil Gaiman but so far I've only ever read novels, Sandman and his children's stories. When I saw this short story collection I jumped at buying it. I have a way of working short story collections. If there is an author specific reason I bought it- I start there. If not I read shortest first,... Continue Reading →

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