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Mini Reviews: Allergies & Watson Make Me Grumpy


Queens of Geek

Grade: B-

I really wanted to like this one more. It’s about two friends (technically three but Jamie is pretty much relegated to saintly boy/boyfriend characterization fairly quickly) at a Comic Con like event. Charlie is an up and coming actress who meets another up and coming actress she likes and Taylor suffers from anxiety and loves Jamie.

Books for Jury Duty

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Harley Quinn reads…

So I have jury duty next week which isn’t that big a deal. Last time I had to go in I wound up sitting in a chair for eight hours reading. Fun for me! Mostly it’s another excuse to go to the bookstore and pick myself up a good read (or two) to take with me.

My bookstore however didn’t have what I was looking for even though it said that they did in inventory on-line but that’s just generally how they go. I wound up looking for books that just caught my eye or things I hadn’t heard of and I had a lot more fun & think I have some pretty good options…