Blogging Confessions: Tweet This Tweet That

harley is confused

Every now and again I tell myself I’m going to actually use Twitter correctly connect with people do all the stuff its there to do.

I open it. I retweet stuff. I like stuff but I’ve come to the conclusion that I have utter and complete Twitter Block.

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Trainwreck: How We Love to Destroy



By: Sady Doyle

Grade: B

I admit I love Hollywood and I’m fascinated separately by the way the media portrays women period, not just famous women. Also by the way fandoms react to certain characters as opposed to male characters (relevant but the book only concerns real women.) So I really enjoyed Trainwreck.

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Sabrina, Dead Girls & the Man Booker



By: Nick Drnaso

Grade: C-

I leapt at reading Sabrina when I saw it was the first graphic novel ever on the Man Booker¬†Award list. I love graphic novels and the subject matter- about a missing woman and the effects the media and social media have on the family and the story- well, it’s something that very much has interested me lately.

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Books, Other

the takedown


the takedown

author: Corrie Wang

Grade: A-

“I’ll warn you in advance. You’re probably not gonna like me.”

I actually did like Kyla Cheng quiet a bit. Yes, she’s not the nicest person in high school perhaps but she’s smart, focused, ambitious and driven. Unfortunately for her that all goes to crap when a sex tape of her with her English teacher hits the web and no one believes Kyle (nickname) when she says its not her.

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Modern Romance

modern romance

Modern Romance

Author: Aziz Ansari

Genre: Self Help/ Funny/ Tom Haverford gives advice on love

Grade: A

I became a huge Parks and Recreations fan at the end of course because that’s usually when I catch up to things. This book is not biographical or as laugh out loud funny as Yes, Please but I enjoyed it just as much. Ansari attempts to get a handle on “modern romance” or dating/loving/hooking up in the age of social media and on-line everything.

The anecdotal evidence is funny and cringe worthy in some cases. (I’m a big believer that everyone needs to think about how their text messages sound not just people who are trying to get together.) I don’t even do on-line dating. No judgement. I just have a paranoid fear of that kind of thing. Yet there’s something in this book that everyone can relate to.

Plus if you’re familiar with Ansari or Tom Haverford you can totally hear his “voice” coming through which makes this a quick and easy read. Text messaging, Instagram, Facebook and the seemingly terrifying Tinder what it all boils down to is that people have too many choices. There is a comparison to the olden days and how people tended to marry those “in the neighborhood” where as today we can find our soulmate anywhere (or just someone to sleep with) so why take the time to get to know the person sitting across from you.

As you can tell I’m a bit cynical on this but I’ve always been crippled by options. There’s so many choices. For everything. So many better things if we just research for a little while on our smartphones. Ansari talks about how there’s always a better reviewed restaurant, the perfect job, the best car, the newest of this and that and I definitely don’t think you need to be an online dater to know that feeling. And yes even as a friend it’s annoying/maddening to email someone and wait hours for a response when you can look and see them posting on tumblr or Instagram all the while.

Recommend: Yes.¬†Don’t expect a million laugh riots or anything like that but there is definitely something for everyone in this book. I recognized myself. I recognized my friends. I didn’t want to think about that anymore… It’s a fun read that’s actually trying to make a point about the way we love and communicate today. I also think it would make a great gift for a couple of people I know who have birthdays coming up.