Watch The Dissident

It had always been in my plan to watch The Dissident (directed by: Bryan Fogel) about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi but I have to admit when I heard about it's trouble finding distribution, that Netflix (among others) wouldn't touch it I was even more set on it. For the $20 is was still more... Continue Reading →

It’s On Us As Well…

The Social Dilemma Netflix So I watched this documentary on the problematic (to put it lightly) nature of social media a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't going to talk about it because I'm crazy bias. I think social media has become an absolute disaster for pretty much everything. I'm not going to say... Continue Reading →

Characters Who Would Kill on Social Media

Today's Top 10 Tuesday¬†is all about characters I'd follow on social media. I actually did this for a top 10 before and looking back was nicely surprised I had all new characters. I actually couldn't decide on one character from the Harley Quinn animated show; her, Ivy, Joker, Wonder Woman, flipping Bane was so great.... Continue Reading →

Trainwreck: How We Love to Destroy

Trainwreck By: Sady Doyle Grade: B I admit I love Hollywood and I'm fascinated separately by the way the media portrays women period, not just famous women. Also by the way fandoms react to certain characters as opposed to male characters (relevant but the book only concerns real women.) So I really enjoyed Trainwreck. The... Continue Reading →

Sabrina, Dead Girls & the Man Booker

Sabrina By: Nick Drnaso Grade: C- I leapt at reading Sabrina when I saw it was the first graphic novel ever on the Man Booker¬†Award list. I love graphic novels and the subject matter- about a missing woman and the effects the media and social media have on the family and the story- well, it's... Continue Reading →

the takedown

the takedown author: Corrie Wang Grade: A- "I'll warn you in advance. You're probably not gonna like me." I actually did like Kyla Cheng quiet a bit. Yes, she's not the nicest person in high school perhaps but she's smart, focused, ambitious and driven. Unfortunately for her that all goes to crap when a sex... Continue Reading →

Modern Romance

Modern Romance Author: Aziz Ansari Genre: Self Help/ Funny/ Tom Haverford gives advice on love Grade: A I became a huge Parks and Recreations fan at the end of course because that's usually when I catch up to things. This book is not biographical or as laugh out loud funny as Yes, Please but I... Continue Reading →

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