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Reign of Shadows


Reign of Shadows

Author: Sophie Jordan

Genre: Fantasy/YA/ Fairy Tale Retelling

Grade: B-

 On the night Luna was born the Kingdom of Relhok was plunged into a never-ending eclipse and she was carted away from the palace to be raised in a tower deep in the woods. (Hence, loose Rapunzel retelling.) 17-years later Luna is desperate to get out of that tower when she runs into handsome Fowler, trying to leave his past behind. Unfortunately, that’s about the time Luna’s past catches up to her.

 I really wanted to like this one. Not the least of which because the heroine is blind and I thought that would be so interesting and it was so great to see a character like that in your typical YA book. Plus it’s cover really caught my eye. I’m superficial at times, I admit it!

 This book has lots of potential. But so many other problems…

 (Perhaps some situational spoilers below!)