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April Wrap-Up & May Plans

Taylor swift in me!

Spring is here and April was a very good month in entertainment. I watched my nephew for a week this month and despite predictions I did not sell him for books.

However I’m grateful we weren’t doing a swear jar or anything because even trying to watch myself I’d probably be broke.

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The Rise of Skywalker & My Hope for a Strong Conclusion to the Saga

Daisy Ridley as Rey

I’ve been so busy waiting for Endgame and that It Chapter 2 Trailer I didn’t even realize we were getting Star Wars today. Of course my feelings about Star Wars have been mixed ¬†recently so that could also be the reason.

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Recommendations for Avoiding the Big Game…

football recs

So I thought I’d do some recommendations for those of us who aren’t watching the Super Bowl but who are stuck where everyone else is- or just recommendations period for a Winter Sunday. Then it sort of turned into a Super Bowl themed tag and includes books, movies, shows.

The whole nine years… which is a football thing right? Or golf? I don’t remember.

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Science-Fiction Book Suggestions for Newbies

sci-fi recs for newbies

A friend of mine recently asked what books I’d recommend for her niece to get into science-fiction and I thought, “Hey there’s an idea! I read enough and I love the idea of telling people what to read!” ūüôā

Some of these books were literally gazing at me from my shelf. So anyway below are the books I think would help people launch themselves into the sci-fi genre. While I don’t believe in age limits on what books people should read (no one is to old for YA for instance) I tried to pick a good spectrum of books.

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Disney Princesses & the Zombie Apocalypse Tag

It's Your Universe

So I picked up this book It’s Your Universe by Ashley Eckstein which is basically a cute little book about growing up with Disney and the power of following your dreams. It’s a great pick-me up or gift idea but I really wanted to do something with the Princesses.

Then I ran into the Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag on Andreas Nirvana¬†and I thought… zombies, princesses… Seems like a plan.

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Thoughts on Solo

alden ehrenreich as Han solo

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Directed By: Ron Howard (mostly… )

Grade: C+

Well, despite my dislike of The Last Jedi and my deep belief that no one but Harrison Ford could play Han Solo I went and saw Solo and it definitely surprised me. I think the biggest surprise is that after all the talk about the Lawrence Kasdan (and his son Jake’s) script that was my biggest issue with the movie.

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Space Buns, Affairs & Killing Giant Space Slugs

The Princess Diarist

The Princess Diarist

By: Carrie Fisher

Grade: B

“I thought you might supply¬†

some tenderness I lacked but

out of all the things I offered

you took my breath away-

and now I want it back.”

The Princess Diarist is kind of a weird read.

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Still Torn: The Solo Trailer & More Series

Solo: A Star Wars Story

So we got a Super Bowl teaser¬†and then the very next morning a full-length trailer. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while and once again it’s tough to have an opinion (good or bad) in this fandom. I actually read someone say that you couldn’t say anything about this movie or casting unless you had been to film school.

Really? Really?

I mean if it works for you more power to you. Great. If it doesn’t work, same you know? I don’t think you need to go to film school to have an opinion on a movie trailer.

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The Last Jedi Review: Spoilers!

the last jedi

The Last Jedi

Directed by: Rian Johnson

Grade: C-

Oh man, I had to think about this one because it was my most anticipated movie of the year and truth be told I found it, at best, disappointing. The movie picks up right where The Force Awakens left off. Rey handing Luke his light saber and the First Order stalking the rebellion about to put them down for good.

Spoilers below:

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Star Wars: Bloodline


Star Wars: Bloodline

Author: Claudia Gray

Genre: Sci-Fi

Grade: B

This was a good book but personally I had a hard time connecting with the story.

Bloodline takes place a couple of years before the movie and deals with Princess Leia, the gridlock in the Senate, her fear that a new enemy is gathering strength and most interestingly… What happens when knowledge of who her daddy is falls into the hands of political enemies!

I have always loved Princess Leia and been fascinated by how she would have responded to the news of Darth Vader. I mean let’s be honest in Jedi there wasn’t much time and she was kind of like, “Oh hey, I kind of knew that… moving on…” Her thoughts on that and the way people respond to the information is very interesting. Everything she did (or didn’t do) regarding Vader made sense to me.

I mean if my biological father took pleasure in torturing me and blowing up the entire planet that I grew up on I would probably compartmentalize as well.

Still a lot of the political stuff was easy to see coming. There’s a Centrist Senator she befriends that is definitely the stand out of the new characters. Honestly, all of the other characters could have been background in the movies which I suppose is the point. Han makes a couple of appearances here and there. Luke and Ben are mentioned but completely incommunicado.

Makes sense. Whatever went down there is for the movies though I still couldn’t help be disappointed that he still hasn’t had a scene with his mother. I think part of my disappoint was that I was hoping for something more (or anything at all) with Leia, Luke and Ben.

I also rather enjoyed the fact that parts of the book are almost tinted with longing for the good old war days. There was a sense of nostalgia, if that makes any sense, Leia misses the feeling of being alive that she had even while being terrified which also felt realistic and human to me.

So long story short this is a good serviceable Star Wars book with character insight into Leia and some (not very surprising perhaps) insight into how the First Order came to be. But I just didn’t connect with the story overall ¬†and it took me longer to get through then I would have imagined.

Recommend: Yes/No¬†I would definitely say this is one of the stronger Star Wars books that I’ve read and if you’re a fan of Leia of course but otherwise you can probably just wait for the next movie.