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Daughters of Sparta

I’ve been having some fun with the myth retellings this summer but even so this one about Helen of Troy and her sister Clytemnestra was a nice surprise. Mainly because you think you know a story fairly well and the author actually does some new things with it.

Except Agamemnon.

I’m pretty sure he’s the worst in any retelling. Maybe he’s just the biggest asshole in the whole Troy mess.

Long Time No See Sis…


mae vol 1

Mae Vol. 1

Grade: C+

*I received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review. 

Mae’s sister Abbie has been gone for years when she shows up out of the blue one night with a tall tale. Mae and her friend Dahlia don’t exactly believe her until it turns out she’s being chased by strange creatures who attack them and snatch Mae and Abbie’s father taking him through a portal into a whole other world.