Fable: Been There, Read That

Fable By: Adrienne Young I suppose I should preface this by saying 1. I did like the book while reading it or at least didn't find anything particularly bad about it. 2. I probably wouldn't write a review if this wasn't an ARC. And speaking of thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for a copy... Continue Reading →

Summer TBR: I Couldn’t Stop at 5

It's a Summer Reading TBR! This post is in concert with Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Bionic Bookworm although I do go above 5... I couldn't stop myself! So many good new books so many backlisted books I'm getting to this summer just so many books! Two of my most anticipated books of the year.... Continue Reading →

Follow Me into this Dark & Creepy Cave

The Anomaly By: Michael Rutger Grade: B This book is full of things I would never do. Explore a cavern high in the walls on the Grand Canyon... nope. Especially a cavern that I believe the government concealed discovery of the first time around... nope. And maybe if I did one day strangely get that... Continue Reading →

My Patience was in the Water

Something in the Water By: Catherine Steadman Grade: C Two newlyweds who find something in the water on their perfect tropical honeymoon and everything goes to shit after that because that's what happens when you find something in the water. It's rarely something pleasant. I will say I listened to this on Scribed and the... Continue Reading →

When You Realize You’re the Parent

The Way You Make Me Feel By: Maurene Goo Grade: B Age wise anyway. 🙂 It was bound to happen eventually. And her parents were high-school age when they had Clara but still it actually explained a lot in the beginning of the book because I was like- why is this chick annoying me so... Continue Reading →

The Unlikelies

The Unlikelies By: Carrie Firestone Grade: B+ Sadie Sullivan is expecting a boring summer as all her friends have graduated and gone onto other things and she's left behind. That all changes when Sadie steps into save a child in distress and becomes a hometown hero who joins up with the other heroes and actually... Continue Reading →

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