Black Widow Finally Gets Her Film

We made it to Black Widow! Finally Natasha Romanoff gets her own movie and also finally... we get to see it! Overall I enjoyed it very much but I can't help but think she deserved a stronger entry into the Marvel canon and also maybe Marvel TV is ruining things for me. SPOILERS BELOW! There... Continue Reading →

It’s Almost Time…

  It's almost time for Aquaman! And Christmas... Christmas to. Seems like a good time to do a Christmas Tag and I've been reasonable so Jason's going to pop up on this one. Trust me. I saw this tag on the Karis Books blog during her excellent Blogmas events. The original was created on Youtube by A... Continue Reading →

Most Likely To: The Avengers Edition

In honor of this weeks big release & because I was looking it up anyway I thought I'd play a little game of Most Likely To Avengers Edition! I've never played the game before so I borrowed these questions specifically from Lifehacks website. Most Likely to Be a Drama Queen: There were a couple that could have... Continue Reading →

My Infinity War Predictions…

So a month out here are my Infinity War predictions. I'm avoiding spoilers for this one so you don't have to worry about that. If you have any spoilers please don't give them to me. All I've seen are the two trailers and I do know of something Chris Evans has apparently been saying in... Continue Reading →

The Vision Little Worse Than A Man

The Vision: Little Worse Than A Man Grade: A Vision, the Ultron created being from the Avengers, decides he wants to be a normal guy. So he creates himself a wife and two teenagers and they all move out to the suburbs in what has to be the creepiest, saddest and probably deepest Marvel comic... Continue Reading →

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