I Finished One Series this Year!

The Folk of Air Series By: Holly Black Holly Black has finished her tale and I have officially finished exactly 1 (1!) of the endlessly running book series I'm reading this year! So I thought I'd wrap up my thoughts on this popular tale of the fae and confess that ever since I read the... Continue Reading →

I Forgot He Has a Tail

The Wicked King By: Holly Black Me: I'm not really bothered by anything in books anymore. Nothing surprises me. Character burns childhood stuffed animals. Me: That is the epitome of evil! So the Wicked King was one of my most anticipated of the year. I took notes of my reactions while reading them and overall-... Continue Reading →

Book Recs for the Reputation Era!

Seeing as how Taylor Swift's Reputation tour kicks off today I thought I'd do a recommendation list of books that go will with this particular album/era. Some go well with the album overall. Some go well with certain songs on the album and others are just about women embracing their reputations but also writing their... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Books of Winter

So since it's pretty much Spring (where I am) I thought I'd do a round-up of the Top 5 Book I Read this Winter. I generally think of winter as between Thanksgiving and changing the clocks- so that's my time frame on that one. Hopefully good weather, health and reading times ahead no matter what... Continue Reading →

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