The Midnight Library

The Midnight Library By: Matt Haig I think everyone has regrets of some sort big or small. Nora Seed however gets the chance to live all the lives she could have in an effort to save the one she doesn’t want anymore. Matt Haig’s The Humans is one of my favorite books period and the … More The Midnight Library

April Wrap-Up: So Many Aliens

Every time Spring rolls around I decide I’ve somehow developed a green thumb and surround myself with flowers and succulents and things that grow. This April was really no different. I’m finishing off my herb garden (which is really just a shelf) but hoping for the best with keeping them alive!

Dogs, Music & Poetry

The Humans By: Matt Haig Grade: A+ “Your existence is as close to impossible as can be. To dismiss it is to dismiss yourself.” The Humans is only the second book I’ve read by Matt Haig (first being How to Stop Time) and let me tell you he’s fast shot up onto my all-time favorite authors … More Dogs, Music & Poetry