Life Questions & Bookish Food For Thought


forky and woody

So this post was supposed to be Top 10 Tuesday’s How to Tell If You are a Book Lover.. But then I started getting way off track so now it’s more like book shower thoughts/ramblings…

Book related life questions in a sense.

Because thinking about anything else right now is just not working for me.

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Secret Reading Habits: Guardians of the Galaxy Edition

Guardians of the Galaxy

So I’ve been going through The Avengers basically giving them favorite books they wouldn’t want anyone to know they read book playlists in a a way and the Guardians of the Galaxy- about to appear in Infinity War seemed the next route to take.

Below my choices for what the Guardians (and some not entirely Guardians) would read in their spare time. The ones they wouldn’t want people to necessarily know about…

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