Space Les Mis: Sky Without Stars

sky without stars

Sky Without Stars

By: Jessica Brody & Joanne Rendell

Released on: March 26th

This book is being described as Les Mis meets the Lunar Chronicles so naturally I had to read this immediately! When there was a chance to do a Fantastic Flying Book Club tour I jumped at the opportunity. Many thanks to them and the publisher for providing the arc.

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12 Books that Should Be Films… with Great Roles for Women

red sister

Since the Oscars are this Sunday I thought I’d do 12 Books that Should Be Films (or series) Right now! And since Circe- one of my recent favorites got optioned for a series I thought I’d get specific to ones with great roles for women!

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Science-Fiction Book Suggestions for Newbies

sci-fi recs for newbies

A friend of mine recently asked what books I’d recommend for her niece to get into science-fiction and I thought, “Hey there’s an idea! I read enough and I love the idea of telling people what to read!” 🙂

Some of these books were literally gazing at me from my shelf. So anyway below are the books I think would help people launch themselves into the sci-fi genre. While I don’t believe in age limits on what books people should read (no one is to old for YA for instance) I tried to pick a good spectrum of books.

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Owlcrate Box: Sci-Fi Love

February Owlcrate Box: Sci-Fi Love


Owlcrate is a monthly book subscription box that I fell in love with last fall and its probably my favorite box (and trust me I actually have fallen into one too many of those subscription boxes). This months theme was Sci-Fi Love and I was totally excited…

Products included:

The really cute info card!

A Tardis Brooch by Vector Engraving. I’m actually happy this isn’t earrings or a necklace. I can use this anywhere and I don’t wear jewelry that much. Plus Doctor Who is kind of a sentimental thing to me.

The pink bag is inspired by The Lunar Chronicles series and designed by Owlcrate so it’s exclusive! It’s quite nice too. It will be good to have for some long weekends coming up…


The Time Machine by H.G. Wells! (Edition by Rock Paper Books!)

Sorry but there’s nothing better than an extra book in a book subscription box especially when you want to get back into the classics.

And now for the book:


The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry

(Signed book plate included!)

I was completely convinced we were getting another book but still I’m pretty happy with this one. The cover is lovely, the story looks interesting and the letter from the author was a good sign of things to come concerning writing!

All in all still happy with this subscription box although the month was a little bit dull. Bonus points of course if I wind up enjoying the book!


(Hey! I remembered to include a link!)