The Mummy (1999): Old Favorites

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The Mummy

Directed By: Stephen Sommers

Grade: A

So the current Mummy had one personal benefit. It got me to finally go through the boxes of DVD’s I’d been keeping in my mothers garage (she’s happy to) to find my copy of the 1999 version. I enjoyed the hell out of this movie when it was released but haven’t watched it in years.

Honestly, it still stands up. I definitely enjoyed it more than the current version.

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7 More Things I’m Excited for in 2017

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So at the beginning of the year I wrote about 17 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2017 while I’ve seen and read a lot of those things I wanted to add a couple of more that I hadn’t heard about at that point. Books and movies below! As well as two movies that I’m surprised I’m looking forward to!

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