The Witcher Official Trailer!!!

So I wasn't overly big on the first Witcher teaser from this summer. I wanted some meat damn it and luckily the new official trailer certainly delivered! This year looks like they got a nice bump in the budget 🙂 Ciri looks like the actress is going to be able to believably make that transition... Continue Reading →

Loki & Geeked Week Incoming

This week Loki finally debuts on Disney+. I've been looking forward to this one for ages. But remember Disney has moved this up so instead of Friday's now it will debut on Wednesday June 9th. Unfortunately still at 12 a.m. but hey it's finally here! I've been trying to stay as unspoiled on Loki as... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Epiphany

After 20 some years of doing everyone's Christmas present wrapping terribly apparently (but I like to do it so...) I finally, finally figured out the secret to the perfect okay reasonably wrapped presents! And it's not tape! It was like a Christmas epiphany that I should have seen sooner... Less space. Apparently my previous years... Continue Reading →

Somewhat Possible Dream Bookish Events

Today's Top 10 Tuesday is the Bookish Events you long to go to... And yeah mine are mostly impossible but let's loosely define things here. Besides what's reading about these things without dreaming right? An Arkham Asylum Break Out With Harley and Ivy naturally. A Wedding in Westeros Eventually one is going to go right.... Continue Reading →

The Women of The Witcher

When The Witcher dropped on Netflix my biggest question was how were the female characters in the show going to fare... As I've mentioned that other big fantasy adaptation- well I pretty much wound up despising every choice they made for the female characters especially. It's still too early to really judge The Witcher after... Continue Reading →

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