The Woman in the Library

The Woman in the Library offers two of my favorite things to read about- a book about books and the writing process. It's an interesting read with a good idea but it just didn't work for me in the end. But if you are interested in books about books or meta mystery writing well I'd... Continue Reading →

Those Who Wish Me Dead

As a big Jon Bernthal fan, whose used to his blink and miss it roles in a lot of films, I'm happy to report he's got a nice meaty part in this one. So Those Who Wish Me Dead is a Taylor Sheridan movie and after Sicario, Wind River and Hell or High Water my... Continue Reading →

The Flight Attendant

Meet Cassie Bowden: She drinks and makes terrible decisions and then she drinks some more to help her get through her terrible decisions. And I have to say I think Kaley Cuoco was perfect for this role because in other hands she might be maddening but I actually... love her. I mean The Flight Attendant... Continue Reading →

The Flight Attendant Trailer

So being that I'm in the mood for some good thrillers/mysteries I was excited to see the trailer for The Flight Attendant pop up this morning! And even better it looks really good... It's got a great cast. Great locations. And looks intriguing. It is based on the book of the same name by Chris... Continue Reading →

burn our bodies down

burn our bodies down By: Rory Power Ever read a book (or watched a film) and thought okay their trying to say something deeper here and I... almost get it... but no, not really... and then wonder am I falling short? Or is the book? After years of dealing with her troubled and secretive mother... Continue Reading →

Books to Read When You are Sick

My original idea for this list was Books to Read when you have a Migraine but then I just expanded it to whenever you're any kind of sick lying around in bed and want to think about something other than how shitty everything is but also don't want to pick up the latest 700 page... Continue Reading →

We Are our Worst Enemies: Us

Us Directed By: Jordan Peele Grade: A- I really wanted to talk about Jordan Peele's new movie Us. So I'm going to split it here- the first part of this will be just a regular review what I thought of the movie. Then the second part spoilers. Addie and her family are enjoying a summer... Continue Reading →

No One Can Really Keep a Secret

Two Can Keep a Secret By: Karen M. McManus So you're going to live with grandma for a little while in a town you've never seen. You know it only because your Aunt disappeared from there and was never seen again. Or how about the body of a high schooler found at the murder theme... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Easy Making New Friends

A Simple Favor Directed by: Paul Feig Grade: A Forming friendships as adults can be really difficult sometimes. Hard to connect with people life gets in the way of new relationships and so on and so forth. So that's why it was nice to see Stephanie and Emily's friendship form in last years A Simple... Continue Reading →

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