Time Travel with Invictus & Paradox Bound



Author: Ryan Graudin

Grade: C

Invictus was one of the big reads I was waiting for this year and in the end I felt like it was just okay. I’m a sucker for time-travel and this book about time-traveling bandits lead by a kid who was literally born outside of time was described as Firefly meets Doctor Who so I really, really expected a lot.

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Page Habit: September Sci-Fi

Page Habit

So this is actually for September’s Sci-Fi Page Habit box. Like most things I’m running a little behind. Page Habit is a combination of Quarterly and Page Habit boxes. They’re one a month boxes for $29.99 and you can pick between several different genres in order to customize just a little bit more.

Page Habit also donates books each month to an area in need.

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A World Without You


A World Without You

Author: Beth Revis

Grade: A

“You are not one person. You are a different person in each moment of time.”

Bo believes that he can travel through time. He believes that the special school for troubled youth his parents sent him to is to help him learn to control his superpower. So when his girlfriend dies he is convinced that she’s really stuck somewhere in time and if he just masters time travel he could save her.

“Doesn’t she understand that the only thing that gives the candles purpose is burning them? That what makes flowers beautiful is the fact that they eventually die?”

Another book that just called out to me. I’ve often thought this- that the people I’ve loved aren’t really gone but left behind. Time moves forward without them but if only it could be bent, broken, manipulated then we could see them again. Save them. Sometimes I can see them so clearly that I almost believe it would be possible.

Yeah, so for me this was a bit of a weird book because I related so much to Bo. And in many ways he’s so understandable. Who doesn’t or hasn’t wanted at one point in time what he wants?

It’s very well written. I liked the supporting characters quite a bit. There is a bit of go between where you do wonder if maybe Bo is right about his life. On a personal level of reading at a certain point for me it was a little too much down the rabbit hole. Bo is a very troubled character and the more the book goes on the more hopeless his situation seems.

Which if you’re relating to a character like I was that’s a fairly uncomfortable feeling.

The other part of this story is told from the POV of Bo’s sister Phoebe and I found her an understandable character but a little harder to connect to. One thing about the brother and sister dynamic and the school itself there were not a lot of helpful adults in this book for some kids who very much needed them.

A World Without You is not just about mental health but grief, suicide, depression, endless hope, family and the many choices and paths a life can follow.

“She missed them in a deeper way, because she knew she’d never see them again. It wasn’t that she was gone from them, it was that they were gone from her.”

Recommend: Yes. I think mileage will vary with this one. It’s a personal book for me but overall I found it very worth the read and could maybe even be helpful in some cases.





Author: Alexandra Bracken

Grade: B

Genre: YA/Romance/Fantasy

 Etta and Nicholas are the main characters in this time-traveling, treasure hunt fantasy that came very well reviewed amongst some of my favorite reviewers. I am always a sucker for hype and this was no different.

 While overall I liked the book, it was an interesting idea and a lot of places (and times periods) I don’t usually see in novels I read… it just felt like such a chore in places. This is one of those books that I didn’t hate at all but I was happy to be finished just to say I’d finished.

 One big thing for me was that even though the action starts fairly quickly it still didn’t feel like the story was moving until halfway through the book and probably it’s most interesting development (and character) doesn’t come up until the end to set up the sequel.

 Also- and this is personal I admit- I liked the characters, I liked them together but at a certain point I just wanted them to shut up about it. If these two were destroyed or shredded or torn apart all the times they said they were by each other’s looks it would have saved me and the bad guys a whole lot of trouble.

 It is kind of odd because usually I appreciate characters who are honest about their feelings and about the hardships in their potential relationships. I liked that they sized things up and had each others back. But I just wanted to be like, “Can we concentrate on the task at hand here?” Which actually lead to my other nitpick but Etta is a modern girl whose thrown back into jungles and foreign lands (and times) and I kept wondering about inoculations and whether she was immunized against everything she could possibly catch.

 Despite everything I can certainly see why some people would love this book. I liked the smart characters and the premise. I will probably read the sequel eventually but otherwise I think this one just wasn’t for me this time.

 Recommend: Lean toward yes. If this is your kind of thing. It’s a two-book series and honestly, I see no problems with waiting until the other is out to pick it up.