A Christmas Epiphany

After 20 some years of doing everyone’s Christmas present wrapping terribly apparently (but I like to do it so…) I finally, finally figured out the secret to the perfect okay reasonably wrapped presents! And it’s not tape! It was like a Christmas epiphany that I should have seen sooner…

Movie Thoughts with Venom

Screw the whole Inner Goddess thing. If there’s a voice in my head it would probably be Venom so below we work through some movie thoughts and questions with the alien  (that doesn’t want to be called a parasite!) I also feel like I should say I have no knowledge of the comic book character.

10 Books I’m Hoping Santa Brings… Into Existence

This weeks Top 10 Tuesday prompt is Books I’m Hoping Santa Brings. I’m adapting it just a bit to Books I’m Hoping Santa Brings into Existence because otherwise Santa’s told me, “You have zero self-control with books how is any one supposed to know what you don’t have!” So below are some books I hope the elves … More 10 Books I’m Hoping Santa Brings… Into Existence


Dunkirk Directed by: Christopher Nolan Grade: B+ Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors around so I had to see Dunkirk. It’s also not a story I’m very familiar with although I knew what it was about- the evacuation of British troops from Dunkirk as France falls to the Nazi’s. A lot of the … More Dunkirk