Baby Maggie Wants a Boy & Onward

Onward Directed By: Dan Scanlon It was a bit strange to see the Simpson's get the short film spot in front of the new Pixar movie Onward. Honestly I thought the whole short was a bit odd. But I haven't seen any new Simpsons stuff since the movie. First off that we didn't even get... Continue Reading →

But What’s it Mean for Endgame?

So the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer was released. They don't get timeline specific in the trailer and I mean we all knew certain things were not going to stick- this movie was in production last year when Infinity War was out but still pretty nuts to just release a full-blown trailer anyway. Not that it gives... Continue Reading →

Infinity War: Spoilers Talk!

Avengers Infinity War Directed By: The Russo Brothers Grade: A- Thanos has finally gotten his butt into gear and no one is ready for him. WARNING: This review has SPOILERS so please if you don't want to read SPOILERS stop reading here! Because I generally can't talk about this one without the SPOILERS! Last Warning!... Continue Reading →

Spiderman Homecoming: Spoilers!!!

  Spiderman Homecoming Directed by: Jon Watts Grade: B Spiderman Homecoming opens right after the events of the first Avengers movie and then jumps to Peter's adventures during Civil War. Even though this is a Peter Parker movie through and through the Marvel Universe definitely looms large and I think is an added benefit and... Continue Reading →

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