Spiderman Homecoming: Spoilers!!!


Spiderman Homecoming

Spiderman Homecoming

Directed by: Jon Watts

Grade: B

Spiderman Homecoming opens right after the events of the first Avengers movie and then jumps to Peter’s adventures during Civil War. Even though this is a Peter Parker movie through and through the Marvel Universe definitely looms large and I think is an added benefit and one of my favorite parts of the movie.

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Ms. Marvel & a Bit of a Ramble

Ms. Marvel Volume 6

Ms. Marvel Civil War II

Grade: A

I’ve always enjoyed the Ms. Marvel books but after the last one I think I was ready for a break. Yet I jumped into this easily without really being caught up on Civil War (you don’t really need to be) and totally enjoyed it.

Kamala deals with a lot of issues here but I really liked the underlying theme of what happens when it’s your hero whose stepped on the other side of the line and can’t even see it.

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Squirrel Girl, Paper Girls and Harley Quinn


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe!

Grade: B+

Of all the books I read over the holidays The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe was the one I was probably most looking forward to. Doreen winds up getting cloned accidentally (because Tony Stark apparently can’t do anything right in the comics) and cloned Doreen decides that in order to make the planet safe for squirrels she needs to get rid of the humans.

This was almost to packed with cameos (and really why does Tony always come off like such a dip in these stories?). The most emotional moments involved the squirrels and I kind of felt for clone Doreen. I enjoyed it and it had some cute moments. But it was also a bit disappointing and it lacked some spark that the other Squirrel Girl’s had for me. I think  even despite the clone Doreen’s starting to veer into that too perfect category for me but like I said I still overall enjoyed it. If only for the Squirrels. Recommend: Yes. 

Grade: B

Paper Girls Vol. 2 is another one I was really looking forward to that kind of fell flat. We jump back into the story with Erin, Mac and Tiffany who have been slingshotted into their future (2016) and meet up with the older Erin.

There are some cute moments where the girls are off balance in the future and an interesting emotional fate for one of the girl’s to deal with but it’s a whole lot of set-up.

Everything expands and there is not a whole lot of answers. Really only one I can think of and that’s not until the very end and it might be considered an answer without an explanation. I love Brian K. Vaughn so I believe this will go somewhere but it was a little frustrating this time around.

Recommend: Yes. Despite my frustration I’m enjoying this series and to be fair I read a lot of people who said they actually enjoyed the second volume more than the first.

Grade: B

Last among the graphic novel reading was Harley Quinn Vol 4: A Call To Arms. I always love Harley and this one starts off fun going forward with her “Gang of Harley’s” and crime-fighting. That was definitely my favorite part. I generally love Harley’s interactions with her friends and her trying to do good.

So it was a little weird that I had a hard time finishing this one- especially the last stories. There’s one when she’s in LA and another with a road trip with Poison Ivy and Catwoman. I just found both a bit dull even though there’s a Suicide Squad character cameo in one of them. I’m also not a big fan of this Catwoman. It probably took me longer to read this one than any other Harley.

Recommend: Yes. If for no other reason for her fighting crime and doing good while happily blackmailing the Mayor as only Harley can 🙂

Captain America Civil War

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.40.54 PM

Captain America: Civil War

Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. & Sebastian Stan…

Directed: the Russo Brothers

Grade: A

This one was so much better than Age of Ultron!

This film is pretty straight forward. The destruction from the last several movies lead into the governments of the world wanting to basically have the Avengers work for the UN. This leads to a split between Tony and Steve. Unfortunately at the same time Bucky Barnes reappears which leads to a much bigger split and a whole lot of people making some really questionable emotionally based decisions.

And a really enjoyable movie.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I’ll try to keep this simple.

The Russo’s do a much better job here of juggling both the cast and the political issue. I never felt like I was being preached to. You could see both sides of the accord. You could see both sides of everything that was going on with the whole Bucky thing. And I thought for the most part where the other Avengers came down on the issue was true to character.

The action was very good. The villain did tie into the story nicely. I really enjoyed the introduction of the Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman). Honestly at this point with the Marvel movies I’m tending to think no more characters! But he fit in very well, the actor was engaging and believable and I really liked what they did with him.

But for me most everyone is overshadowed by Robert Downey Jr. and Sebastian Stan. They were as they needed to be, excellent.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.38.38 PM

My more Marvel comics inclined friend tells me that a lot of people hate Tony in this story but I just couldn’t. I understood where both of them were coming from and the reasons they did what they did even when I didn’t agree with them and certain parts of their story lines were really heartbreaking.

I did have some nitpicks watching this. Spiderman did nothing for me. Not the fault of the actor (Tom Holland) but he felt out of place in the movie and the stuff with him went on to long especially all the joking throughout what should have really been a more dramatic bit. I kind of wish if they had to go to the Spiderman well again we at least got out of high school this time. And the fact that he was so young made me seriously question the decision making of the person who brought him there.

Also, Scott… I love Paul Rudd but him joining the fray to possibly become a wanted man and being like, “Yeah, whatever! I’m in!” All I could think was didn’t I just watch a whole movie about how you wanted to go straight and be around for your daughter? It was more understandable with Hawkeye, who was often away from his kids and these were personal friends and co-workers he was watching destroy themselves, but it seemed weird for Scott’s character.

Lastly, they tried a little harder with Sharon Carter this time but she’s still a pretty useless character for me. She could have been left out. Chris Evans has more chemistry with Sebastian Stan than he does with her. (Seriously, there’s more than one part with Bucky where I was like, “This I could ship…” with Sharon it was like, “Why are you here again?”)

Recommend: Yes. Nitpicks aside I really enjoyed this one. It was on the long side but never felt it. I was very interested in most of the characters and never bored and the acting was pretty much on-point to excellent. At this point at the end of Civil Wars I’m excited to see where most of the characters are going.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers Age of Ultron

(Small plot spoilers in here though I try to stay away from any of the big spoilers.)

This movie felt long. Not in one of those this movie is long ways (though it is) but actually my body is starting to hurt from sitting here is this going to end any time soon kind of ways. It was entertaining don’t get me wrong. It was just overstuffed and had some issues. While the witty banter was on-point and everyone was as good as they always are it also felt a little… old? Stale? Like they were just checking things off a list.

Expectations game:

I was a little worried about Quicksilver and Aaron Taylor- Johnson so he surprised me. He and Elizabeth Olsen were both bright spots in the film even though they didn’t have that much to do. I thought it actually made Ultron less frightening when they switched sides. Also it was nice to see Paul Bettany have a bodily role as Vision.

I thought there would be more set-up for Civil War but it didn’t really come into play here.

Okay! Problems first…

The romance. I liked the idea of the Widow and the Hulk and these are two incredibly charismatic people of course. I also like the idea of building their characters but it just felt so forced. At times it felt like Banner and Natasha were also acting a little out of character.

Where the hell did Hawkeye’s family come from? And why we’re they so utterly perfect that I spent all the time with them (too much in all honesty) thinking it had to be a set-up or a ploy or something?

Thor in the God Pool or whatever that segment was supposed to be. My friend said that one will probably pay off in the next Thor movie but it felt like a waste of time here.

The ending with the city was a little too over the top for me and I say that as someone who had no problem with the aliens coming through a portal in the first movie. I also didn’t understand what Vision did to Ultron. He seemed to be cutting him off from the net but he could still jump bodies. A lot of the end was unclear to me.

Things that I enjoyed:

Like I said the addition of the twins who were called “enhanced” in this movie was a good one. I’m a particular fan of mind control so the Scarlet Witch could be a long-term favorite if Olsen continues to play her.

Captain America and Agent Carter kind of sort of had their dance! I mean he swung her into his arms. It was also an illusion but I’ll take what I can get.

James Spader made a wonderful and fun Ultron. A true quip-filled child of both Bruce and Tony. I enjoyed also their discussion about science and what would be appropriate means to protecting the world. I wish there would have been more of that kind of thing in the movie. That and a bit more stress on all the issues with Tony and Steve which seemed a little too resolved at the end considering what’s coming.

Loved the little bit at the party with Thor’s hammer and the look on Chris Hemsworth’s face when it moves just a little bit for Steve. Also Pepper and Jane were about the only people who didn’t appear in the movie but at least they gave them good reasons for not being there.

Recommend: Yes, despite everything. It’s the Avengers and if you’re in it this far you’re probably in it, for better or worse, until the bitter end. I just wish they had spiked a couple of things from this movie so that it could breathe better. I like Whedon but I’m happy new blood is coming in.