Lovelorn Should Have Kept Them All

broken things

Broken Things

By: Lauren Oliver

Grade: D

A couple of years ago Brynn, Mia and Summer were obsessed with the tale of Lovelorn. A book with a Shadow creature that accepts sacrifices. A book with no ending. They were determined to write their own. They played at Lovelorn. And when Summer was killed in a sacrifice style way Brynn, Mia and local boy Owen were the main suspects.

Quite frankly I wish Lovelorn had really opened them up and swallowed them whole.

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And The Trees Crept In


And The Trees Crept In

Author: Dawn Kurtagich

Grade: B

Two sisters leave behind an abusive situation and take refuge with an Aunt at a strange family manor in the woods. Everything goes well for a little while and then Aunt Cath goes off to crazy town, the food dries up, the house begins to rot and the trees… Well, the trees are getting closer.

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