Pirates, Treasure & Poor Decisions: Black Sails Season 1

Black Sails scenery

I went halfway through season one of Black Sails thinking what kind of idiots would follow these people? As though pirates were some bastion of good decisions. But truth be told by the end I totally would follow Captain Flint and Long John Silver on a search for Spanish treasure.

You  just have to get a couple of things clear first.

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The Silence of the Girls No More

The Silence of the Girls

The Silence of the Girls

By: Pat Barker

Grade: A

“None of that gives him the right to take another man’s prize of honor. It doesn’t belong to him; he hasn’t earned it.”

There was a lot more, but I’d stopped listening.¬†Honor, courage, loyalty, reputation- all those big words being bandied about- but for me there was only one word, one very small word: it. It doesn’t belong to him, he hasn’t earned it.”

It is our narrator Briseis. Actual person. Not it.

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A Good Mystery for the Last Days of Winter

the english wife

The English Wife

By: Lauren Willig

Grade: A-

One reason I picked this up now is because it just screamed winter read (or fall) so I wanted to read it while the mood felt right. Turns out I was right about that. Though I was oh, so wrong about the mystery.

Either way, it was a win.

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